Ethical Pricing

Currently available in large quantity for shipping no later than March 22nd.

Our Approach to Ethical Pricing

The shortage of medical masks and related protective equipment has been severely strained and this has lead to profiteering and price gauging as unscrupulous vendors attempt to make huge profits from this crisis.

Our focus is on sourcing and providing our customers the best options available for their medical needs with a focus on ensuring an ethical pricing formula which is based on providing to our customers the most cost effective solution to them while covering our costs of operating our business including booking, tracking, customer service and ensuring your shipment arrives as expected.  The cost of shipping is the exact cost the courier company charges for the order with no fees or hidden costs.

The cost of customs tariffs or fees is the responsibility of the purchaser.  We can provide agent brokering if required at a 4% surcharge on costs if you require.

For institutional orders, we use a 24% profit margin.   Example would be if a mask in quantity costs us 39 cents – we would sell for 48 cents.

If you have any questions, please contact our order desk at and we will be glad to assist you with your question